The video game digital distribution sector – and in particular video game crowdfunding – is faced with an increasing number of calls for projects, as well as the demanding requirements of backers who need to be reassured about the reliability of presented projects and the quality of games they back financially.

Gamesplanet has decided to provide services for crowdfunding of quality video games, by raising awareness of the actors in the sector so that they, in turn, commit to guaranteeing the satisfaction of gamers.

Gamesplanet Lab is the first crowdfunding platform exclusively dedicated to video games and designed by video game professionals (and fans!), to integrate real guarantees for gamers, as well as a straightforward and beneficial framework for video game professionals. The platform is created in partnership with, the leader in crowdfunding in Europe.

The Gamesplanet Lab charter comprises 10 commitments, and aims at catering to the requirements and expectations of backers and gamers alike. Beyond providing guarantees for gamers, the charter is designed for video game professionals and service providers who endeavor to provide quality services, through ownership of a label or initiation of a quality process.


Clear information
All project-related information to backers should be clear, precise and up-to-date.
Project holder identity
The identity of a project holder is public, and their contact details always available on their profile page.
Real selection work
With Gamesplanet Lab every project is handpicked. This, combined with the contractual link with project holders, allows for the best project quality and chances for success.
Virtuous funding solutions
If a project does not reach its funding goals, or if a project holder discontinues an ongoing project, all backers will receive an email to inform them the project has been discontinued or has not reached the full pledged amount (with detailed explanations in case of discontinuation). All backers will receive a refund of their contribution and neither the project holder nor Gamesplanet Lab shall receive any money for that specific project.
A guarantee for the delivery of rewards
All project holders on Gamesplanet Lab commit by contract to design a game whose feasibility will have previously been assessed by both parties. All rewards must bring backers exclusive advantages over purchasers of the distributed game in its final version (rewards are offered in limited editions, are unique to backers, or the game is offered at a lower price than the final retail price). Finally, backers are involved in the creative process of the game and receive project news regularly, have the possibility of submitting ideas or content, and may vote for any suggestion put forward by the project holder.
A clear timetable
The timetable must mention a delivery date, at least estimated, for the rewards. In the event of a late delivery, the project holder commits to informing backers as soon as possible of the new delivery date.
Respect of intellectual property rights
Tamounts paid out may in no circumstances be regarded as transfer of shares, nor as copyright assignment. The project holder retains full intellectual property of his project.
Secure payments
Gamesplanet Lab and both use payment systems that conform to applicable banking standards: all transactions are fully secured and Gamesplanet Lab does not keep any banking details which could be hacked.
DRM: the gamer’s experience before all
Project holders commit to integrating to their final game, on delivery to backers, a DRM (Digital Rights Management) system that prioritizes customer experience (possibility of installing their games on all of their machines) rather than systematic control, and the guarantee that no resident clients will be used for marketing purposes.
A quality label designed with gamers
The project holder commits to respecting positive values within the games, and backers are invited to validate quality criteria: each completed project is presented to a panel of gamers comprised of project backers who hold the responsibility of grading the project for quality, resulting in the issuance or not of a specific Gamesplanet Lab label. This label, designed to reward project holders with a minimum of 70% backer approval for quality of the game delivered, will be an indicator of gamer satisfaction for consumers and will result in better promotion of the game within the distribution network.

All project holders, publishers or studios who are part of Gamesplanet Lab have subscribed to the commitments above.